Our Patients' Success Stories

Small Town Life

“I was in town this year visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving.  While in town, I had an elbow “old age” issue.  A close friend referred me to Horn Family Chiropractic in Milan.  Dr. Taylor took me in on Wednesday before the holiday with only a two hour notice.  What a lovely young lady with a promising career.  I needed four treatments.  They proceeded to open their door for me at 8 AM  on Thanksgiving Day and the following two days.  Even though the office was supposed to be closed all three days, Dr. Horn and Dr. Callear chose to leave their families and help me get the treatment I needed when they realized I was going back to Georgia that Saturday.  After getting back to Georgia, I received an email from Dr. Taylor with all the nearby chiropractic offices that offered the same laser treatment I received from them.  She impressed me yet again.  The treatment works by the way!  I’m so proud to be born and raised in a place like the valley.  It’s nice to see that after being gone for 23 years, there are still small businesses like Horn Family Chiropractic that operate with that “small town mentality” and treat customers the way they do.  That in itself makes coming home once in a while worth it to me.  I’d highly recommend them to anyone.  If I wasn’t 1,000 miles away, I’d finish my rehab with them.”

~Aaron L.

Breech Baby Turned!ash and sarah (2)

Hi my name is Ashley and I began receiving Chiropractic care during my first pregnancy. I had fallen down some steps and was suffering with low back pain. My midwives recommended I try chiropractic and I had known Dr. Sarah from back in high school. The pregnancy was putting extra pressure on my low back and hips and the fall had made my daily activities even more painful to do. About 34 weeks into my pregnancy I was told that my son was positioned transverse, straight across my stomach, with his head on my left side and feet to my right side. When I went to my next chiropractic appointment with Dr. Sarah, I explained his positioning and my concern for him not being head down. Dr. Sarah explained that she would do the Webster technique to adjust my pelvis in hopes of aligning my pelvis so that he could move head down on his own. A week and a half later at my 36 week appointment, my son was head down! I had felt him make his big move 2-3 days after my chiropractic appointment, it was amazing! I continued going once every week for 2 weeks to be adjusted. It was comfortable and relieved a lot of pressure from my legs and back, making my pregnancy near the end more enjoyable. My last appointment pre-baby was on a Monday and my son was born the next Friday night. From the time my water broke to when he was born was only 5 hours and 45 minutes and we were blessed with a perfect, healthy baby boy! Thank you Dr. Sarah and Horn Family Chiropractic for taking great care of us and helping me to have an enjoyable pregnancy and delivery.

Baby Brennan


Deep Tissue Laser Kept My Hip Pain at Bay!beth

My name is Beth and I’ve had tremendous success with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.  I have had hip pain for several years due to degenerative osteoarthritis in my hip and low back.  My pain was moderate to severe making it difficult to walk and stand at work.  I’ve been getting adjusted at Horn Family Chiropractic for years along with taking herbal anti-inflammatory and essential fatty acids to help decrease the pain.  I’ve had success with all of these but none became a permanent fix.  Dr. Tom and Dr. Nate recommended I try Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, something that would provide me with even more pain relief.  Decreasing my pain, I was all for that!  After just a few treatments I noticed a decrease in pain and can walk more easily and with much less pain.  My hip is at the point where I do need to have it replaced, but the Deep Tissue Laser has helped me regain mobility and made my daily activities more bearable.  Everyone at Horn Family Chiropractic is very caring and they work well together to ensure their patients are well taken care of.  I highly recommend Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to anyone looking to get rid of their pain once and for all.



My name is John and I have been suffering with low back and leg pain for the past year. The pain started as extremely sharp and shot down my legs. I’ve worked construction all my life, performing very physical activities. With the pain I was experiencing I was not able to work at my fullest potential. I own my own construction business so if I’m not working, I’m not able to make a living. I became very stressed over my pain because life just wasn’t fun anymore. I had been to see my doctor who recommended surgery. For me surgery was not an easy fix. My wife had gone through Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression at Horn Family Chiropractic and had great success with it. I felt that this was my next best option. After undergoing NSSD treatments at Horn Family Chiropractic I have very minimal pain and I am able to work and perform my daily tasks without increased pain. The doctors and staff went above and beyond to see that I was well taken care of. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression has helped me get back to doing the things I love and I can enjoy life again!

I have had back trouble for over half of my life, so I’ve seen more than my share of chiropractors. No matter what they did to me, the pain never went away completely. My friend Nancy was tired of me complaining about my pain. She told me to go see Dr. Tom and his team at Horn Family Chiropractic. When I finally went to Horn Family Chiropractic, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t put my foot on the gas pedal to drive to his office. My thigh was numb and burning—everything from my waist down hurt… BAD! My treatment consisted of Non-Surgical Decompression, muscle therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Tom and his team really care about their patients, and they worked to find out how to fix the cause of my pain and symptoms. I can finally stand in my kitchen to cook and bake, which is one of my life’s passions, without experiencing that nagging pain that used to force me to sit down or stop cooking. It has been a lot of years since I was able to say that I feel this good! Thank you Nancy and thank you Horn Family Chiropractic!

mary m


Mary M.

Barb D

My name is Barb and I was in an automobile accident early last year. My husband and I were rear-ended as we were waiting at a stop light. As a result of the collision, I developed back pain, numbness in my lower legs and tingling in my feet. Immediately, I started receiving chiropractic care which also included Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Adjustments and home exercises. Several months later, an MRI was done it was determined that I had a need for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. The spinal decompression for me, has been a gentle, painless path to recovery. The symptoms that I use to experience daily have greatly improved. I heartily recommend this treatment over the more invasive methods that are offered today. You can call me a very satisfied patient!

Barb D.

This summer, I have been playing baseball and travelling to showcases in North Carolina in order to take my game to the next level. I typically am a catcher for our baseball team.  After catching a whole game, I was asked to pitch in our game on the very next day.  I was able to pitch, but afterwards I experienced a deep ache in my elbow, tightness and achiness into my tricep, and tingling that went down my forearm into my hand.  I also had a hard time gripping the bat while swinging.  The symptoms persisted for four days after the game was over.  My coach recommended I go to Horn Family Chiropractic for treatment of my arm pain.  After just one treatment with Dr. Sarah that consisted of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Myofascial Stripping, and an adjustment, I was PAIN-FREE.  My arm felt looser, I had no tingling in my hand, and the pressure that I had been feeling in my elbow and tricep was gone.  The same week that I sought out treatment, we had another showcase in North Carolina.  I caught for 2 straight games with no pain.  I felt like there was much less stress on my arm while throwing and feel like I am throwing harder.  I was even able to throw out a runner from my knees—something I’ve never been able to do before!  I am so happy with my care at Horn Family Chiropractic—they got me back in the game and feeling great, FAST!


I began my chiropractic journey after my daughter had asked me to go to one of her appointments with her to receive a free examination of my spine. My neck was stiff upon waking in the morning and hurt too much to move it. I got used to the pain after a while and began to think it was just part of aging. I had been experiencing pain for a year or so before my daughter convinced me I needed to get my spine checked. I was not willing to take any medication to help reduce the pain however I was massaging it myself at home. This only provided temporary relief. Before Chiropractic care I couldn’t turn my neck enough to back the car safely. It took a long time to get out of bed in the mornings because I had to wait until my right leg and toes woke up. Thanks to Dr. Horn and Dr. Callear at Horn Family Chiropractic I feel that my neck is normal again. I can now get out of bed without even thinking about it and I can turn my neck easily to back up the car. Since being under regular Chiropractic care I’ve also noticed a decline in colds and other illnesses, improved posture, increased flexibility, more energy and I can do activities I use to avoid. I would recommend HFC to anybody looking to get rid of pain. Chiropractic care worked wonders for me and I would trust the doctors and staff at HFC with my health needs.




My name is Donna and I’ve had neck pain for many years. I have been experiencing what felt like a pinched nerve in my neck with pain sometimes going into my head and down my back. I attributed my pain to several years of waiting tables as a young girl. There were times when the headaches made me physically sick and I couldn’t turn my head without pain. I take care of my mother daily and my pain was affecting my ability to meet her needs. It came to the point that I had to take aspirin every day just to find relief to allow me to help my mother. I did begin exercising and getting adjusted which helped but didn’t take the pain away completely. That is when Dr. Tom at Horn Family Chiropractic recommended I try the Head, Neck and Shoulder Machine. Ready to finally experience relief I agreed and started treatments right away. After only a few visits I began seeing significant changes and my pain level was decreasing. The doctors and staff were so helpful, professional and courteous, such a pleasant atmosphere with great people. Now that I have finished my HNS program I can happily say I am without pain and able to take care of my mother with ease. I would definitely recommend Horn Family Chiropractic and the Head, Neck and Shoulder Machine because it has made such a difference in my life. If you are considering surgery I urge you to visit the doctors and staff at Horn Family Chiropractic first…you won’t regret it!