Head, Neck, and Shoulder Decompression Therapy

The Head Neck and Shoulder Machine

The Head, Neck and Shoulder machine is the most advanced non-surgical treatment for people who suffer with headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain that are a result of degenerative, bulging and herniated discs.  Most headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain come from compression of nerve fibers.  If the nerves become pinched or irritated as they exit the spinal column it may result in headaches, neck pain, numbness or pain in the shoulder, arm, or fingers.  This simple non-surgical procedure to reduce the compression may eliminate the pain and allow healing to take place.

By taking significant pressure off the intervertebral discs, it can reduce the pressure within the discs to start a reduction of the bulges and protrusions that may be pressing or pinching on the spinal nerve roots. This will help to eliminate a multitude of symptoms that you may be experiencing, such as headaches, neck pain, decrease in ability to move head in any direction without increased pain or pain that radiates from the neck down the shoulder, elbow and into the hand.

The HNS machine can also help widen degenerated disc spaces. Intervertebral discs have no direct blood supply and receive their nutrition by imbibition (pumping action). The HNS machine can be used to produce a pumping action that can assist in re-hydration of the intervertebral discs. By increasing the height of the disc space, it can not only improve pain and other symptoms, it can increase the movement of the neck. This advanced treatment has been very successful in helping senior-citizen patients who have degenerative disc and arthritis in the neck and have tried all types of other therapies and continue to suffer with neck pain that disrupts their activities of daily living.

Patient Control

The HNS machine is unique in that the patient is given an easy to use hand held control that allows them to find a comfortable position and regulate the amount of force applied.
The HNS machine is used in a sitting reclined position. A comfortable fitting neck harness is placed around the back of your head so that there will be no pressure on the throat or anterior neck.
A controlled comfortable distraction is applied to stretch the neck for 5-8 minutes during the initial treatment. The time can be gradually lengthened to 12-15 minutes as the treatment protocol progresses.

Hi my name is Jerry and I’ve been experiencing neck and upper back pain for the past year. I do a lot of repetitious work and began experiencing tingling and numbness in my hands. This made my work very difficult. I had been seeing the doctors at Horn Family Chiropractic for neck pain. My treatment included adjustments and inflatable cervical traction. Both helped decrease my pain but could not completely get rid of my pain. I was not willing to have surgery but needed to do something to provide me with more relief. That’s when Dr. Tom recommended I try treatment with the Head, Neck and Shoulder Machine. The HNS machine decreased my pain levels significantly and made my daily activities much easier to do. The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I would recommend the Head, Neck and Shoulder Machine at Horn Family Chiropractic because it improved my neck pain with no long term side effects or restrictions.

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Jerry R.